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Rotondi, Paula
Date: May. 1, 2014
Birch Bay
May 1, 2014
The Gateway Pacific Terminal/Custer Spur EIS – Phase 2 Administrative Draft EIS Development Scope of Work, does not mention assessment of impacts to specific sites. Will the EIS assess impacts to specific schools? Because schools are entrusted with the education and safekeeping of our children, they deserve and require specific and special consideration and attention in the EIS. Schools located in close proximity to railroad track can reasonably be expected to incur the most significant and severe impacts of GPT and these schools deserve and require specific study and assessment of GPT’s impacts.
Three schools in the Ferndale School District would be directly, significantly, and severely impacted by GPT due to their close proximity to the railroad track that GPT trains would use. The railroad track that would be used by GPT trains is approximately 220 feet from the Ferndale High School campus (including its athletic fields), 650 feet from the Central Elementary School campus, and 1200 feet from the Custer Elementary School campus. Custer Elementary school also is approximately 1200 feet from the Custer Spur where GPT trains would idle. Research shows that the range within 200 meters of railroad track poses the highest health risks*.
I request that the scope of study include impacts upon the students and their families and the staff of Ferndale High School, Central Elementary School, and Custer Elementary School. I request assessment of the impacts of train diesel emissions, train coal dust, train noise, train vibration, and train disruptions of foot and vehicular traffic traveling to/from these campuses upon the health and education of the children, families and staff of these schools.
Paula Rotondi

*Lin, S. et al. 2002. Childhood asthma hospitalization and residential exposure to state route traffic. Environ Res Sect A 88:73-81